Need Money While Unemployed?

by burnsij on June 26, 2013

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Unemployment is no laughing matter, and it’s especially challenging if you have been employed before, then suddenly one day you wake up and find yourself unemployed. People cope differently with being unemployed, and the difference between those people who sink when they unemployed and those people who keep afloat in the same situation largely depends on what a person does during their unemployment period. If you are in the unemployment line, and you need money while unemployed, there are a couple of ideas that you can explore to alleviate the financial pressure.

Accept A Temporary Assignment:

Seeking for temporary employment is better than nothing. Yes it’s not what you are looking for, but while you are seeking for permanent placement, the contractual job can provide you with immediate cash, which should lighten the pressure of the mounting expenses.

Start That Business You Have Been Wanting To Start

I know what you are thinking, how can I start a business without capital? There are businesses which don’t require large capital investments, and a good place to start is have a yard sale for all the things you no longer need, then with that capital, buy yourself a range of bags, beauty products or clothes and sell them at a higher price.

Use Your Possessions To Make Money:

If you need money while unemployed, use your car. Find out if there are people who need transport to go to work. With the fuel price hikes, you are bound to find people who want to car pool to work without using their own vehicles to do so. Children who need transport to school, be creative and use your car to make some money.


Volunteering may not seem like an ideal way to make money, but the point behind being a volunteer is that you are exposing not only yourself, but your skills to the public. If you volunteer consistently enough, there is bound to be someone who notices you and may recommend you for a full time position. You will never get hired just sitting at home and hiding from the world.

Freelancing Online:

It is an excellent path to take if you need money while unemployed. A lot of people even fully employed people are joining the online freelance community in order to make ends meet. Search thoroughly through the Internet and search for work at home jobs. Writing articles, audio transcription, data entry, essay writing are some of the good home jobs that you could do.

Jobseekers Allowance:

On top of everything else that you are doing, you can get a job seekers allowance. This is a benefit that the unemployed receive while they are actively seeking full employment. You have to satisfy certain requirements in order to qualify for this allowance like are you actively seeking employment and if you are, where? Are you taking any steps to improve your skills to make you more employable? You can find the job seekers allowance contact number online or at your nearest job contact centre.

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