How you can Increase your Success by 200 Percent Using Conversion rate Optimization

by burnsij on December 9, 2012

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Number of conversions or sales/total visitors determines the conversion rate of a website. Conversion rate optimization is actually an SEO feature that should be used perfectly but the fact is most webmasters overlook this attribute due to its complex nature. You would be surprised to know that over 75 percent of webmasters or website owners receive only 5 to 6 percent of conversion through their website. Conversion rate can be improved either by increasing web traffic or doing offline marketing but the latter type of advertising involves spending huge amounts money. That is why most website owners use online marketing as a tool to enhance web traffic.

Why Conversion Rate Optimization

Driving traffic is one of the primary SEO battles but converting them to customers is the main motive of every webmaster behind all the SEO efforts. It is essential to convince your users or visitors to take desired action. It could be taking their email address, making them to subscribe for your newsletter, taking their phone number, using trial or free membership or it could be anything. The core objective is to help them to take a desired action on your website. The conversion rate optimization actually bridges that gap and thus improves conversion rate.

How to Increase Conversion Rates

There are several things to do that help you in increasing conversion rates. Revamping or redesigning landing pages can also play good role in giving a fresh perspective to your website. Cultivating paid clickable search ads is gaining great attention of webmasters due to its amazing nature to increase conversion rate. You can create magnetizing PPC ads but should be relevant to the search queries of your targeted audience.

The message on the ads or page should be relevant to your landing pages. It should be one of the primary objectives of webmasters in order to improve the conversion rate. Filling out form or offering a free widget can prove to be extremely valuable from the conversion rate perspective.

Starting with right keywords

When it comes to conversion rate optimization, most webmasters often concentrate on design elements, buttons and forms but starting with the right keywords should be considered first. There is no worth in having a huge amount of traffic without many conversions. The main objective of paid search is to increase the quantity of qualified traffic along with optimizing right keywords. Managing keywords is also important as you need to include all the keywords in narrow groups in order to use effectively.

Make sure to create a group of keywords and then write relevant, effective and targeted PPC ads for the groups.

Web Copywriting

Web copywriting plays vital role in broadcasting a particular message effectively. You can highlight the benefits of using your products and services that helps in motivating visitors to purchase. It is better to add an enquiry form and wish-list to engage visitors effectively. Calls to action are also crucial and can work amazingly for conversions.


From the last several years, usability is one of the essential attributes of web development. A site that puzzles the visitors in its navigation or if your web page takes a lot of time loading, it directly affects the conversion rate. Undoubtedly, it increases bounce rate but it may affect the search engine rankings too. Therefore, putting more attention on improving the usability should be the first concern for every webmaster.

Using attractive and creative graphics, implementing Meta tags and descriptions, punchy headlines and image optimization are a few things to consider while working on improving conversion rate optimization.

So, by following the above factors, you can definitely increase your success rate by 200 percent using conversion rate optimization properly.

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