7 Ways To Monetize Your Blog

by burnsij on November 12, 2012

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While I am a big fan of blogging for the love of writing and interacting with people online there is almost always going to come a time when you have spent days working on your blog and you start to think ‘Is there a way that I can make this time pay me in money as well as satisfaction?’ No matter what your niche is there are always some ways to make money from all of your hard work.

Use Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is a very popular way of adding an element of advertising to your blog. The way that you earn the money is from people clicking on those adverts you get some of the money that advertisers pay to have a targeted visitor visit their site. The most popular of these advertising networks is google adsense. You simply have to sign up for their service and then create your advert. This advert can be a text or image advert and has a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit your theme. Then Google has a look at your website and gives you adverts that suit the topic of your blog. Please be aware that you need to make at least £60 or $100 to be able to withdraw your money so it is best to have quite a few visitors so you can actually get some money into your bank account.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best method of making money for people who haven’t yet got their own products to sell or want to sell physical items that require a lot of start up cash. What you do is you advertise someone elses product on your highly targeted blog and then if you send the owner of the product a customer who then goes on to buy the product then you will earn yourself a commission.

You can do this advertising by using a text link on the side of your page, although I wouldn’t expect much traffic from this.

You can use images and then create a link to the product through the images, this should attract slightly more attention than a simple text link.

The best way however is to write a review of the product and then put your affiliate link within the post. This will give people more knowledge about the product and an honest opinion of how well you think it does its job will help people to make the right decision.

The best profit margins for products are with eproducts like ebooks and training courses but for those of you who run a blog in a niche where this isn’t going to work you can sell products via the Amazon affiliate program and gain commission on any product sold by Amazon.

Sell Advertising Space

There is sure to be lots of spare space on your blog. In the side bar, in your header as well as other spaces so why not offer this up to private advertisers. If you have given your blog a nice clear message then people will be eager to pay for advertising space on your blog. Make sure that you set up an advertise with us page that clearly shows how people can contact you about buying advertising space as well as detailed information about what they are going to get. You should also include what size image they are allowed to have, where it will be placed on your blog and how many visitors you get. All of these things will make the buyer more comfortable about handing over their money before they contact you.

Use all of your Assets

Instead of only using the advertising space on your blog to make money you can also use your emailing list, Facebook and twitter accounts to earn a few extra coins. People will definitely be willing to pay to use your mailing list if you have a list of targeted customers ready to receive an advert of their product.

Also if you have a reasonable number of twitter and Facebook followers people will pay you a fee for advertising on those pages as well. All you have to do is tweet or share their product or service and that is money in your pocket.

Offer Sponsored Posts

This is a tricky decision that every blogger has to make, should you allow people to pay you and put articles on your blog. On the one hand it could take value away from your blog and away from your readers but on the other it will put money in your pocket. The offer is that the sponsor gets to write a post with a link to their product/service in the article. You get someone else to write your posts and funds in the bank and they get a backlink and some advertising on your blogs front page.

Offer a Subscription Service

This is quite possibly the wholly grail of making money through blogging but is also the most hard work to accomplish. You will need to create some extremely high quality content and then place that in a subscription only area of your blog. If you advertise it in the correct way then you can get people coming back and paying for your service month after month which is the first step on the road to a dependable monthly income from your blog. The tricky part is convincing people that they are going to get something they wouldn’t otherwise get if they sign up to your premium service.

Selling Text links

I mention this because you can make money by selling text links on your blog to advertisers online but be aware that google doesn’t like this practice and if they catch you then they may penalize you in the search engines. The deal is relatively straight forward, they pay you an agreed fee and you put a text link to their page on your blog sidebar. This can be charged on a monthly basis and if you are worried about Google penalizing you then you can make the links no follow but this must be made clear to the advertiser otherwise they may not get what they expect.

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