6 Advantages Offered By E-commerce

by burnsij on November 5, 2012

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E-Commerce refers to selling and purchasing goods through the medium of Internet and other computer systems. E- Commerce is one of the marvels of science. It has benefited not only the business organizations but also the general public. In order to utilize the facility of e-commerce a person needs to have access to Internet connection and a debit or credit card. If used with discretion e-commerce can prove to be extremely beneficial. This article discusses in detail the various benefits of e-commerce.

Easy to Find Information Regarding Products

While visiting a retail store a person only comes across those products that are available in that store. Where as through Internet a person can gain information about all the products related to a particular category. This would enable him to make the best possible choice in terms of price and quality.

Makes the Buying and Selling Process Quicker

E-commerce allows a person to make quick purchases sitting at home. A person does not have to travel to shopping complexes and markets to make purchases. This helps in saving precious time and is convenient for customers.

Applicable 24*7

In the modern world many people don’t get to avail spare time due to their hectic work schedule. Apart from the hectic work schedule a person also needs time for fulfilling his personal commitments. E- Commerce facilities are available twenty four hours a day and all seven days a week. A person who has time related constraints can make purchases during night time and during Sunday’s when most of the retail stores are closed. Banks have also started offering e-banking facilities to customers in order to optimize their profits.

Diminishes Geographical Barriers

Using the facilities of e-commerce a person can purchase products of companies whose goods are not available in his nation. The products could be delivered in such a case by shipping. Similarly people residing in remote areas can purchase products which are not available in nearby markets by utilizing the facility of e-commerce. In such cases goods could be delivered through courier.

Eliminates the Requirement of Opening Retail Stores

A huge investment is required in opening retail stores. Companies have to pay hefty monthly rents for using commercial spaces for selling goods. E- Commerce eliminates the necessity to open stores as sales and purchases could be made online. This also allows small scale entrepreneurs who have financial constraints to make business moves without having to open outlets.

Useful for Elderly People

People who are in the later years of their lives generally suffer from various ailments. For such people e-commerce is a boon as they can purchase products of their choice without having to move around much.

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